Transforming Lives

Assisting  Children, Students and Workers

Any one of our partner organizations would love to give you the opportunity to make a difference one person at a time!  Sponsor a child, student, or worker today through one of our IN Assistance Programs tailored to meet local needs.

If you are resident in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, UK, or USA we have an organization there to connect you into sponsorship – and more. If you are resident in one of our other partner organization countries feel free to contact them directly.

Assist a Child

peopleChildrenBy sponsoring a specific child you will have a part in her development. In some situations a tuition supplement is provided for the family, while in others schools are built and operated. In all cases community workers make regular assessments of each child and follow up with the family. Supplementary child services may include meals, shoes, school bags, uniforms, medical services, food hampers, parenting seminars, after school tutoring and so on. All children meet a needs test upon entry. In some circumstances a residential service is offered for children with no family to care for them (See astrix). Sponsorship rates vary.

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Assist a Student

peopleStudentsSponsor a student into leadership, profession, or vocation. International Needs Student Assistance Programs focus support and care on the learning opportunities for the post secondary student or adult. Tuition, travel, accommodation and mentorship/apprenticeship aspects are typically addressed. The emphasis may include elements of “bible”, university, college, business and trades. Trades vary from tailoring, to crafting, to hairdressing, to cooking, computers, bricklaying, woodworking, auto mechanics, small engines and so on. All students are encouraged to develop a mix of skills and studies to enhance their interests and capacity. Students are selected based on need, capacity to achieve, and willingness to learn and serve. Community workers make regular assessments of each student. Partner organizations marked with an * also include vocational programs specifically for women. Sponsorship rates vary.

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Assist a Worker

peopleWorkersInternational Needs is shaped to connect people all over the world in bringing light love and care where it is needed most. There are over 1000 workers in our partner organizations. For a worker there is something special and rewarding to have one or more sponsors to share their journey with. Worker Sponsorship is through either the Community Workers program, or Administration Workers program. Community Workers are the evangelists, church planters, pastors, teachers, youth workers, children workers, house parents, etc. Administration Workers are the directors, co-ordinators, accountants, and so on.  All workers are indigenous to the communities they serve. When you sponsor a worker you support the work in a personal way. Your support contributes to that worker receiving fair wages and benefits, as well as the work they do. Get to know the difference a worker (and their team) is making. Sponsorship rates vary.

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