Changing Communities

Changing Communities

When you support a community project you become part of a solution. Think global act local. Our business is making a difference. Our purpose is transformation.   As your heart is stirred by the needs and opportunities around the world, consider how you can join with an International Needs project to make an investment in changing a comunity. You will be blessed.

Click on the globe to find a link to a national website, an address, or a phone number.

If you are resident in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, or United States of America we have an organization there to connect you into projects – and more. If you are resident in one of our countries feel free to contact any one of our partners directly.

What kind of projects make a difference?


Project opportunities rise from identified needs. A project could focus, for example, on AIDS awareness, women’s advocacy, children’s advocacy, community clinics, vocational schools, planting and growing churches, leadership development, micro loans, animals for families, motorcycles for a community workers…and so much more…. wells, clean water, sanitation. International Needs has built and operates over 30 schools!

Project Partners organize customized visits to communities in transformation. Inquire how this kind of engagement may interest you.

Project and Program Accountability

projectAccountabilityAt International Needs, we track with over 200 active projects! Each project undertaken by a “lead” partner is typically supported by one or more “project” partners.  Over half of our work is delivered through assistance programs for children, students and workers. Each project, and program, requires systemic management to  efficiently and effectively reach set objectives. We plan to transform!